Best humidity sensor

I’m new to smart things. Can somebody tell me the best humidity sensor to use and also is it accurate?

@eric182, I use ST’s Temp/Humidity sensors in all my bathrooms and crawl space. While I can’t speak for their accuracy, they do work very well. There is no offset setting for humidity, but there is for temperature.

Once I let them get acclimated to the room to determine normal humidity levels, I just set my high level to automatically turn on a bathroom fan, and then off when the low setting is met. In my cases, accuracy was not as important as measuring overall change.

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I also have an ST (Zigbee) Temp/Humidity sensor. I calibrated it against a lab-grade thermometer/hygrometer borrowed from work and found it read temperature 2 degrees high (easily within the offset capability) and humidity 1% low, which I was able to manually offset in the device handler code. I don’t know if they are all as close as mine, but it works well and is quite unobtrusive.

By chance could you share where/what you modified in the device handler code to create an ability to set offsets for humidity readings? ST appears to not have provided for this natively like they did for temperature values.

Same answer I gave you the last time you asked :smile:

does your ST temp&humidity sensor battery appear to report?

I think I messed up my battery reporting with a custom device - it’s been 100% for a year.

ST branded devices typically report remaining battery in tiers. I believe the next tier below 100% is 77%, so you might be okay. Mine has been at 77% for quite awhile.