Best Door (open/close) and movement sensors?

Hi! I need to buy a couple of these. Any recomendations? Shuld I stay with ST sensors or Id better put my money elsewehre?


Ever since the last firmware updates I cannot personally recommend the smartthings sensors. False alarms when battery gets low and batteries dying when they hit 78%. Also the multis’ contacts often stop functioning with no warning even though temperature and accelerometer carry on working.


“Best” depends on your own specific needs. Different sensors have different features, but you may not want to pay for the fancier ones. :sunglasses: See the sensor discussion in the device class features FAQ. The sensor discussion starts around post 15.

Hi! @JDRoberts What do you think about the HomeSeer HS-DS100+?


That’s a brand-new sensor, I haven’t heard anything about it one way or the other yet. It’s Z wave plus, which should make it a little faster with a longer range then the previous generation of zwave sensors. Feedback on the zwave plus sensative strips has been very good in that regard, but they put a lot of engineering into that device and it may be a higher quality level than the inexpensive ones. So just no way to know on the Homeseer yet, I haven’t seen any reviews.

I would recommend to stay away from ST door sensors and use a cheaper but not cheep quality open/close sensors from Xiaomi:

And you can buy them here for only few dollars: