Best device handler to create a virtual thermostat

Does anyone know of a device hander that acts as a virtual thermostat to an on/off device (relay/switch/etc.)?

I’m looking to implement a real thermostat for my linear relay controlling my garage heater instead of a smartapp which I’ve caught a couple of times missing commands. I want to make it more robust and as a device that my family can control on/off/temperature.

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I am confused by the reasoning. A Device Handler won’t be as reliable as a real thermostat. DH is subject to the same cloud.

IMO put in a real thermostat, and integrate it, e.g. Filtrete 3M-50 for cheap.

Partially agree, however I already have a temp sensor and a relay in the garage, all I need is software. Have you ever pulled wire through a wall? It isn’t easy. I already have this setup using a SmartApp, and it would work better as a device.

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I walked through another community member to get him started on exactly this within the last couple of weeks… Let’s see if I can find the Topic…