Bedside lamp dimmer

I really want a bedside lamp dimmer for lamps on either side of our bed. We have lifx bulbs in both lamps.

You have two choices.

If you just want to use presets, like low, medium, high and off, you can use any button controller device and just assign a preset to each button.

So a minimote, The remotec 8 button, or an inexpensive Wi-Fi phone with smarttiles on it can all work well.

The mood cube is also popular as it would give you six settings.

Alternatively, you can use the battery operated “anyplace switch” from Cooper which gives you more dimming options.

All of these are discussed in the buttons and remotes FAQ:

These will all work in the same basic way: the battery operated device sends a request to the hub and the hub will pass it onto the bulbs. That way the bulbs always remain on power so they can hear the next network command.

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I put a Dot in each side of the bed. One is Alexa and one is echo…


I’ve got an Xiaomi Button and couple of CoRE pistons.

If button pressed and light off then turn light on and set to 80%
If button pressed and light => 80% set light to 30%
If button pressed and light <= 30% set light to 80%
If button held turn off light

Works pretty well.


Just curious, why two dots? They behave the same, correct (they don’t react to different voices or different based on location)?

I have a bedside lamp that has a switch which is near, but out of reach from bed. I bought a Mini-mote to use with a lamp module but then realized the switched circuit is 3 way, and we are really used to using it manually from two locations (by door and by bed). Seems like everywhere I want to put a smart light we have 3 or 4 way wall switches which makes them even more expensive to implement. Couldn’t come up with good solution so just left it manual :frowning:

Actually we have a Echo Dot in the room now, so I guess I could use Dot/Mini-mote combination. Although one drawback of Echo’s is volume at night. We turn up volume during day for music, but at night I would like her to whisper, so not to wake up kiddos :frowning:

I have two dots for a couple of reasons…

  • I had an extra one
  • we have fans in our room and the white noise plays havoc on Alexa devices. So putting one on each side means no yelling.
  • I like thunderstorms to go to sleep to. My wife likes that weird music stuff
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So when you go to bed at the same time. You get a soft concert during a thunderstorm ? :slight_smile:

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Could you not put a micro switch in the circuit? Have both manual and smart? Would take some wiring work but maybe possible?

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actually… yes… lol

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