Battery/Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

I have a backyard shed that I have hooked up a door sensor to that tells me when my shed door has been opened.
I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas of how I can hook up a battery/solar powered light in the shed that I can command to turn on when the shed door has been opened.
I don’t want the battery/solar powered light to be on all the time, but rather just when my shed door has been opened.

This might be a case where a dumb option is better. A door frame button switch that comes on when contact is lost would serve the purpose you need. To my knowledge, there isn’t a battery-powered relay you would need to connect a circuit.


I agree, the ‘dumb’ option would be better. I have occasionally seen solar lights on ebay that have a combined light/motion detector with a separate solar panel for mounting outside.