Battery Powered Replacement Switch? (UK)

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I’ve got battery powered LED lit sign which currently runs off 3 x 1.5v AA batteries. At the moment it’s attached to a simple battery pack with an on/off switch (please see below)

Ignoring the cable with the white connector on (this was connected to a kinetic button when in the original packaging) it’s a simple two core cable for +/- current. My question is what’s the best option if I wanted to replace this with a battery powered z-wave or zigbee switch so that I can schedule it based on times/events/etc.

Any suggestions welcome. I’m based in the UK so UK available ideas would be preferred :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


If I understand you correctly. I would use this.GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1

The following thread should be helpful. Just ignore my first post there, I was confused and thought the project was to turn a nonnetworked device into an ST-compatible switch, not to be able to use ST to switch the non-network device on and off.

The later posts from multiple members should be of interest. They discuss several alternatives.

If I’m not mistaken, the FS20Z-1 requires mains-level input, in other words you need to tie it into 120v AC. Good for devices built into the wall, but wouldn’t work for battery powered devices. Since it also specifies 115v operation, I would also be concerned about use in the UK.

You’ve got two levels of difficulty here- First, you’re in the UK and most of us in the US are really unfamiliar with what’s available. Second, most battery operated devices are types of sensors, meaning that the information generally only flows from the sensor to the hub, not the other way.

I’ve done a hack to create a battery operated LED based on a CREE lightbulb Zigbee module. I doubt the same products would be available for you to use, but the concept may work if you can find a compatible board.

Other interesting links:

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GoControl devices are not available on the UK zwave frequency, unfortunately.

Fibaro, Aeotec, or Fortrezz would be an option for a relay in the UK, but I’m not sure that fits this use case. (Qubino is another UK zwave relay brand, but people have reported limited success integrating it with SmartThings.)

You can use it for a battery powered device. You just connect power using a extension cord, wire nut a cutoff extension cord to power the FS20Z-1. And the other wires are basically a dry contact. Just cut the positive wire that the battery voltage runs through. Then connect the remaining wires to both sides of the power wire you just cut. And as for being in the UK sorry I missed that. not quite sure what the power requirements are in UK

I use the FS20Z-1 to turn on my sprinkler system. There is a manual start button on my control box, it’s a micro momentary button. I just took the circuit board out and solder two wires on the solder points where the button is. And connected it to the FS20Z-1

Zwave operates on a different frequency in the UK than the US, and the frequency cannot be changed after a device is manufactured. The Fs20Z-1 cannot be used with a UK frequency SmartThings hub, although there are similar devices from other companies available in the UK that might be used depending on the exact requirements.

Gotcha. My bad

Does this HAVE to be battery powered?

Because the easiest option would be to ditch the batteries, use a PSU instead, and plug that into the standard ST power outlet.

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