Battery-operated Dimmer Switch recommendation?

Also, refer to this post for additional ideas that work directly with ST. Personally, I use Aoen Labs Minimotes, Iris Buttons and Xiaomi Buttons for battery operated control of ANYTHING that I can control with ST.

Try the osram lightify dimming switch or cooper aspire rf9500.

The Pico will not be visible to SmartThings through the official integration, so I’m not sure if it will do what you want. You would have to also have a lutron master switch and then that’s the only switch that the pico could work with. So it might be OK as an auxiliary switch in a three-way, but it’s not just a dimmer switch on its own.

There are a number of battery operated switches that might be of interest. The FAQ covers both battery operated and mains powered buttons and switches:

One popular one is a Z wave device, the Cooper 9575, which looks exactly like a regular switch and does communicate to the SmartThings hub.

But there are a lot of other options as well, just see the FAQ. :sunglasses:


You need a Lutron bridge & switch to connect it to. It doesn’t connect directly to ST.

I ordered the Anyplace Switch RF9575. It pairs as a Z-Wave remote. When I press the buttons nothing happens. I tried going into the web interface and change it from a remote to a Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic. It does nothing. Any advice?

Try this thread:

Also, the switch has to be associated to the hub before the hub will know that it changed. It’s not reporting like a regular generic dimmer. It reports more like a minimote.

I installed Cooper Beast and it works. I can not get Toggimmer working. It gives an unexpected error every time.

Is there a switch I can buy off the self that just works with SmartThings? I paid $70 for this switch and I open to playing more to get this small function to work.

This is the error the app gives.

I just use the GE one at Lowe’s. With the $15 off $50 coupon and 5%cash back from Discover and 1.5% Ebates, it can be the cheapest one available.

Which device are you referring to? I’m not aware of a GE battery powered switch/button controller.

I am looking for something like this that can stick to the wall that works with SmartThings. I do not care if its Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, BLE or Bluetooth. It just needs to work with Smarthings to turn on a light with dimmer functionality.

That switch would work but it has to work with a custom driver and app. The driver works but not the app.

Hopefully the author of that smart app will respond in the author thread – – I know you put a post there as well.

@Lgkahn was using the cooper battery-powered switch as well, but with a different DTH – – I don’t know if he is still using it or not, but he might have more to add.

I am and it still works
Use a.stock device type slighty modified

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Do you have a link for that DTH? Also, with that DTH, do you need a special smartapp or will it work with smartlighting?

Did you check out the lightify button device I mentioned above? I use it with ST with a community device handler, it works fine.

Also the cooper aspire 9500 that i mentioned seems to be basically the same device as the one that @JDRoberts did? I use a device handler that was made by @thegilbertchan and it works fine too.

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This was the original DTH for the Cooper battery-powered devices, but my understanding was that it only allowed on/off, not dimming. And then later, a couple of other people made their own versions which did allow dimming.

I will search for the device handler but obviously you need a smartapp the switch to the actual devices …I use dim if you are still.interested let me know and I will find the link.

I am interested!!!

Yeah that’s probably true. I was able to make it dim a smart bulb with rule machine, still works :slight_smile:

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