AXIS Gear is now officially SmartThings Certified

Hey folks!

AXIS Gear just got SmartThings certification. It is now a seamless process to connect Gear to your SmartThings Hub. They are having a holiday sale with $50 off regular price and a FREE SmartThings Hub for any purchases of 2 units or more.

Looks like this is only for v3 hubs. I’ve only briefly researched,however, so if someone knows how to do with a v2 hub please reply with info.

I have 3x blinds set up on v3 hub, one blind has issues with the status, it went through a phase where is said Opening all the time and now it stays on Open. The blind responds to manual commands and automation’s i should add.

I have factory reset the Axis Gear multiple times removed the device from ST and setup fresh but this one blind continues to have status issues?

Any advice welcome?

Hi, just curious is everything fine with these devices? I’ve found some to buy and thinking is it worth.