Auxiliary Wall Switches in 2020?

Then you have a lot of choices. See the buttons FAQ. Note that the FAQ thread is only intended to have one or two posts per device, and will generally link to a discussion thread about any individual item. So if you do have any follow-up questions either go to that discussion thread or come back here. Don’t post in the FAQ. Thanks. :sunglasses:

That said, pretty much any battery powered device is likely to need extra presses if it hasn’t been used for a while because these all tend to go to sleep in order to conserve battery life.

And they will all have some latency.

One alternative is to choose one of the “battery free” devices like the ones from the friends with Hue line, but those do tend to be expensive And while theoretically some of them should work with a smartthings V3 hub, I don’t know if anyone has actually tried it yet. And you’re always going to have some latency with TPLink Because it’s a cloud to cloud integration with smartthings.

If responsiveness is really important, I would replace the TP link with Lutron Caseta and use one of their pico remotes. But I realize most people who choose TP pLink are looking for budget prices, so that may not work for you. I just wanted to mention that it is a solvable problem, but it often requires a higher class of device which costs more.