Automations "Delay This Action" doesn't work

The other day I was trying to use the built in Automations to turn off a light switch in the basement when the other lights in that room are turned off however I wanted there to be a delay between the lights in that room turning off and the other light in the room turning off.

So I was very excited to see that in the new SmartThings app there was an option to delay an action in the new built in Automations

Unfortunately when I created it and tested it by turning off the lights in the room manually the workbench light turns off immediately (i.e. no delay).

I know I can do the automation in WebCore but I would rather keep the automation in the the STs app and was wondering if others had noticed that this doesn’t work correctly too.

The reason for the automation is because the lights in the main part of the room are activated with motion however there is only one motion sensor in the room and occasionally if I’m not moving around enough they will turn off.