Execute only at night, and delayed action

Hi All,
New to SmartThings and migrating from Vera, so far so good but I’m having trouble trying to sort out one particular scene that I’ve come to depend on.

Trigger: Rear Door Sensor Opens AND it’s NIGHT
Action: Turn on three different lights
Delayed Action: 15 minutes later, turn off those same three lights

Can someone point me in the right direction for how to sort this out? Apologies if this is an easy question.

You can use the Smart Lighting app

their instructions are a little out-of-date, it says Tap SmartThings Recommends but choose Lights & Switches instead :slight_smile:


Ah, cool - that takes care of most of my situation. What I’m missing is the step to turn off after a delay?

It’s there :wink:


Oh, awesome! Thanks!

When you are ready for more powerful scripting beyond Lighting, check out webCoRE.


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