Automation with multiple variables?

I want to create an automation having all my Ring security cameras turn on when someone pushes my Ring doorbell button, BUT only at night. I can create an automation that works when the button is pushed, but can’t find a way to have it work only at night. Suggestions please

Which version of the app are you using, classic or “smartthings (Samsung connect)“?

It’s definitely possible, but the rules engines are somewhat different in the two apps. :sunglasses:

Also, can you post a screenshot of the rule as you set it up so far?

Don’t know how to tell the difference. V 2.17.0
The icon is a blue circle with white background

They have different logos:

If you have STC (SmartThings Classic) you can do this in core/webcore and smarting lighting

If you have STSC (SmartThings Samsung Connect) then custom automations is your jam.

Thanks for the replies. IIRC, I tried STSC, but couldn’t connect to the hub. A rep suggested I try STC and it worked. Don’t know if my problem with STSC was the hub, my phone, or I didn’t know what I was doing.

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Is it possible to have STC and STSC on the same phone? I’m considering moving to STSC, but don’t want to rebuild all device connections and automations

Yes, you could have classic and STSC on the same phone. Quite a few people use both right now because the features are different.

Just be aware that both have a feature called “smart home manager” but they are completely separate, and you can’t clear notifications for one in the other.

See the community FAQ (the topic title is a clickable link)

Thanks. Shouldn’t matter. If I can get STC to work, I’m uninstalling classic.
I’m guessing I’ll have to create automations in STSC, right?

STC is Classic, which is why most of us say “classic“ and “STSC” for the two apps. Too many typos leads to a lot of confusion for most people trying to use the two acronyms. :wink:

As to whether you can uninstall STSC after you have classic set up, that depends. Which version of the hub do you have? The newer hubs released in 2018 generally need STSC for some of their features. Also, if you have a Samsung smart appliance or TV, you need STSC.

And if you are using the classic app, normally you would setup your automations in the classic app. :sunglasses: