Mode crosstalk


Not sure if this is a known or expected issue, but I could not find anything about it. I have both the STC and new STSC App installed. Most all of my Automations are set in STSC. Those are working, fine. But, I noticed something wierd where if STC is set to “Away” mode it affects Automations in STSC, even if the new app registers as “Home”? I have another issue, in a different thread topic, with a STC Routine not setting my mode to “Home” when I return into the geofence, which is what is causing the sync issue. I just noticed it is affecting Automations in STSC as well. Is that “normal” and expected?

SHM in STC and STSC are completely separate apps and their status is not shared between the two apps. So if you use SHM in STC for example, it will not work with Automation/Custom Rules in STSC except for smart lightling rules. Also, geolocation in STSC can not perform unlock door or open garage door or set SHM - actions you can do with geolocation in STC.

Best advice is to use one app and at this point, STC is the recommended choice.

And be careful if you set up alerts in SHM in both apps, you will receive two separate alerts. This confuses some users who clear the alarm in one app but continue receiving alerts every hour because they did not dismiss in both apps.

Last note, you can not use webCoRE to set SHM in STSC.


Strange… I have an Automation setup in STSC set to turn on the kitchen lights with a motion detector when Mode is set to Home or Night. In STC the mode is set to Away in STSC the Mode is set to Home. When I am walking 3’ from the sensor the lights do not come on. I then set the Mode for STC to Home and the lights come on with the motion sensor. I have no kitchen Routines set in STC. Is there a way to check the Home/Away status in STSC? These are all my Routines in STC:

Here is my kitchen Automation in STSC:

Hmmm, it appears that all of the Automations created in STSC are showing up as SmartApps in STC. So, maybe that is where the crosstalk is coming in to play? If I delete the Automation in STSC, it goes away in STC as a SmartApp. If I create one in STC, it shows in STSC and is removed upon deletion. So, it looks like they are linked together. Is there a way to see Away/Home in STSC like you can in STC unde the three-bars prefs menu?

STSC does not currently offer all the functionality that is available in STC. Apps in STC : Automation : SmartApps will appear in STSC Automations and cloud-to-cloud apps will be in STSC : dashboard : settings : connected services.

Again, the best advice is to use the STC app at his point.

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