Automation Tab - Multiple Thermostats, Different Settings

Hello, I’d like to utilize the automations page of the mobile app, but haven’t found it to be very flexible.

I’m looking to create a new automation that would do the following:

I have two Ecobee Thermostats.

When I leave my home for an extended period of time, I’d like to create an automation that sets the two different thermostats to two different temperatures and lock them into the ‘indefinite’ mode on the thermostats.

When I am returning from an extended stay, I’d like to create an automation that sets the two thermostats to their normal operating settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to this and learning.

Hi @croger ,

Are you using MyEcobee device or the ST stock device?

Please look at MyEcobee device as there are already some smartapps to accomplish your use cases:

or ecobeeChangeMode

Available at:

Provided that you contribute to MyEcobee device.

I have a Tado Thermostat that I control through CoRE.
One if the settings is when we are away it sets the thermostat to what is commonly called frost protection. If you look at my piston below could you not do the same but use 2 when trues. One for each thermostat.
Where i have set to off you could put a heat to, say, 5C/40F

Maybe you want to try this app: