Automation Not Triggering A/C

I have these two automations set up to control my AC unit. The “if above” one will has not been starting the unit when the room temp via the sensor is over 77…it can be 81 and nothing happens. I had a very similar set of routines set up for winter in heat mode and they worked fine. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

The way that the ‘equal to or above’ and ‘equal to or below’ conditions have been implemented is for them to only trigger execution of Routines when they become true. So in effect they implement a ‘rises to or above’ and ‘falls to or below’. So if the temperature is already equal to or above 77 F before 19:30 or already equal to or below 75 F before 19:45, the Routines won’t execute unless the temperature drops below 77 F and rises above it again, or rises above 75 F and falls below it again.

One way of handling this problem is to run Routines at exactly 19:30 and 19:45 that set the air conditioner as required.

Another approach that is popular is to use the state of a virtual switch to represent whether a time range is active or not. So for example set a virtual switch to on at 19:30 and off at 06:45. Then instead of using a time range in a Routine add an additional condition that tests for the switch being on.

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I think @orangebucket is correct
I have this routine which has been running for 18 months without issue.
I also have a secondary one that runs at 20:00 with same conditions. If neither trigger the heat doesn’t come on.
I have a simple time based one to turn the heat off, which does nothing if it’s already off.