Automation help needed: get a text when door unlocked?

Hi there. After having to get a new V3 hub as my one from May failed I would appreciate your assistance with automation programming.

  1. let’s say I give a friend his own code to open the lock. Is there a way to have a text sent to me that will not only tell me the lock was unlocked but the name assigned to the code is ?

  2. per below picture when I unlock the door I get several texts including the 30 min delay message. How can I change it so the 30 min delay text is sent in 30 minutes ?

automations don’t handle notifications after a set time and there is no way to have it send the user for the lock

so 2 options to check out…



faq page:

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Thanks I thought I was notified when a user used their code.

Any idea why I am getting so many alerts when the door is locked/unlocked

smart lock guest access is sending them

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I would appreciate your help to get these 3 conditions on my app/smartthings hub

  1. When the schlage connect lock is UNlocked – I am sent a sms text message

  2. When the schlage connect lock is Locked – I am sent a sms text message

  3. When the schlage connect lock is left UNlocked for 30 minutes, the door is locked & I am sent a sms text message

Currently what I have isn’t “clean” for instance when I lock the lock, I get a lock message & and unlock sms text – please see the attached

Thank you !

Regards - Doug Cohen 310.261.5111