Automation: Front door lock locking when its not supposed to

-Front door open/closed sensor is closed
-Front door lock is unlocked

-Lock front door lock, after delay 5 seconds

So in this case the Kwikset Lock should only lock when the door is closed and unlocked and 5 seconds after both conditions are met. Its successfully doing that. However what its doing that its not supposed to is Lock when the door is open. On old app and new app i was using “Club Steve Autolock” smartApp and that still worked properly. But I want to try the new Automation and it doesn’t work.

The door/open closed Z-wave device is reporting properly

I’d suggest it should lock five seconds after the door is closed while the lock is unlocked, or five seconds after the lock is unlocked while the door is closed. Nothing to say the door can’t be opened in those five seconds, and presumably that is a fairly typical outcome.

What are you experiencing?

Can you post a screenshot of your automation?

Its doing what you are saying which is what I want.
But what its doing that I dont want is locking 5 seconds after unlocked and door is now open.

After some testing I think I know whats going on and its gonna require a SW fix or addition.
So when you open a door, you unlock it first then open the door, maybe this takes ~2seconds. Well when I unlock it and before I have time to get the door open my condition is met and the Automation set in motion. So it locks when open.
If I go very fast and unlock and yank door open very quickly, its doesnt lock when open. But this is unrealistic.

Solution for change in app is to add a new IF entry. All (AND) conditions must be met for at least XX seconds. 0, 1, 2, 5sec, etc…

Screen shot

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Yes, that is right. It is a good example of why there remains a market for bespoke apps, and a place for more advanced rules engines like webCoRE.

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Assuming that your contact sensor is reporting the door as open correctly when you open the door, I would recommend reporting it to support along with the screenshot so they can investigate it.

Alternatively if you have access to RBoy apps check out this app which has a built in feature to lock the door when the door is closed (with an optional delay): [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)