Automating Home Air Quality

I purchased a foobot for our home to monitor our home air quality as we just rebuilt our house and knew that air quality would be bad for a few years. (New paint, carpet, etc, all release into the air for quite some time.) Initially we would just manually air the house out to try and purify the air but us manually doing so didn’t happen that often and that can get expensive during the winter/summer, etc. So, using a community DTH here to connect to the foobot API I was able to bring air quality readings into SmartThings. From there, I used a webCoRE piston to monitor the air quality and when it dropped below my acceptable threshold it would send my wife and I an alert, speak an alert on the air quality, what it is at, and then turn on an $80 air purifier we bought that is connected to a zwave outlet, and turn on the blower in the HVAC unit to circulate the air through the house through the main filter (which is the most effective method.) Once air quality was back to an excellent threshold it will alert and then turn everything back off. This has worked out fantastic as you can see below. The bad air reading was when we would manually do it, the good is post automating it. Home automation can actually have a very positive impact on your lives despite what many may think :slight_smile:


In case anyone wants the piston I use…

FYI, the ‘switch’ in question is just a virtual switch I use to show state, I’m sure you could use a variable for this as well. Also the ‘thermostat’ is actually the foobot.