Automating a vacation property from another country / Turn off AC automatically to save on electricity


I’m new to automation and I have a use case that I haven’t been able to find existing information anywhere. I’d like to have your thoughts on my particular approach:

I own an airbnb property in Brazil (I don’t live in Brazil) and I need to manage everything remotely. The people renting the property tend to leave the air conditioning on at 18C with windows and doors open or when they are away. The electricity bill is quite high and it’s getting more expensive every day.

I decided to look for solutions and found “Airconoff AC14 Automatic Occupancy Sensing AC Power Saver” and “Ecosense UK - Ecosense 4000+” stand alone products but researching even further I got into home automation and I found Home Assistance. Being a developer I decided to build my own solution and integrate it to HA.

Right now I’m building my shopping list and strategy so I’d like to get your opinions in running the following unusual setup:

  • Install a Samsung SmartThings WiFi mesh (because I also need to upgrade my wifi and that’ll give me zigbee and zwave coverage too)
  • Install ST multipurpose sensors to entry doors and windows
  • Install ST motion detector or Aotec multisensor inside the rooms for motion detection.
  • One of the AC units is an LG AC voice with WiFi that can be controlled remotely and integrated to HA using “sampsyo/wideq github code”
  • The rest of the AC units can only be controlled over InfraRed.
  • For those, I found a cheap IR that apparently can control the old air conditioning units over WIFI (amazon: Universal-Controller-Hand-free-Compatible-Controlled/dp/B07L9VV9N8)
  • Run HA on a remote server to manage all the logic (because I have spare servers of my own in a datacenter)
  • Additionally I’m planning to install SONOFF GK-200MP2-B - Wi-Fi Wireless IP Security Camera mounted outside but integrated to HA. (I found them on a youtube video today)

The logic would be the same found here:

Since I have no experience with HA, I’d like to know your suggestions specially about running HA in a remote server and controlling everything remotely over Internet using port forwarding via the home Internet router.

Do you know a better/cheapest way to achieve this?

I would suggest that the ST forum is not the correct place to ask a question about Home Assistant. You may want to ask that on the HA forum.

So if you use SmartThings sensors, but use home assistance also, you can’t find any help here?

Have you checked out @RBoy apps?

I have a lot of automation with our short term rental but have also wondered how I could automate the turning on/off of the air conditioners. I just found a IR blaster that works with zwave and supposedly now has integration with SmartThings. You can find it here:

Also, definitely check out RBoy apps, they have great apps for automating thermostats (and turning off the heater/air when windows are open) and I absolutely LOVE their door lock automation for our short term rental. Door codes are set to the last 4 digits of the arriving guest at checkin and codes are removed at checkout. My life is better with this app!

Let us know what you come up with!


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