Automated scheduled Temperature control for room A/C


Since we bought our first smart Room Air conditioner/heat pump 4 years ago i believed that there would be a function for automated scheduling of temperatures. But no such function is implemented yet to this date. It would be fantastic if such function could be implemented for the Room a/c’s. For an example. We live in sweden where the A/C is mostly used for Heating purposes. For an example: On working days when we are at work we would like the a/c to be setup to 19 degrees celsius. One hour before we come home we would like the A/C to go to full speed and warm the house to 22 celsius. And before we come home the fan speed would automatically be lowered for low setting for comfort purposes. In the evening the temperature would automatically lower itself to 17 degrees celsius and fan would go to quiet mode for the night for better sleep quality. In the morning one hour before wakeup the A/C would be set for 23 degrees celsius and medium fan speed for warming up the household before wakeup. When we leave for work the fan speed would automatically go up and temperature would be set to 19 degrees and so on.

As it is now the automation are primarily used for modifying fan speed and powering off/on which mean all the settings And adjustments mentioned before must be done manually each day (not so intuitive if you ask me)

It would be great if this could be implemented because it would save money and increase usability.

Which air conditioner do you have?
There might be a custom integration out there or a way to communicate with it through another device (such as a Broadlink or Logitech hub)

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Thanks for a quick reply. Our Heatpump is a Samsung Smart Comfort 9.
Its probably sold by other name outside Europe or Scandinavia, but it seems to be very close to this modell:

Have you looked into IFTTT?
I know there are some Samsung Air Conditioners available there.

Other options could include using an intermediate device to send IR signals (like the remote it came with). For example there is Logitech Harmony, zmote, or Broadklink RM.

Have you checked out this app for scheduling temperatures and it supports on/off AC’s with a remote temperature sensor. [RELEASE] 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat Scheduler (Weekday, Weekend) with Remote Temperature Sensor for each Schedule

It may not do everything you’re liking at (depending on how your ac is integrated, using a switch or a HVAC DTH), but you’re can schedule it up to 4 times a day to change the temperature so you can calculate when you’re expected to be at home and adjust the schedule accordingly.

To tell you the truth I’ve never heard of it, even though my brother works for an air conditioning installation and service company but we don’t have anything the same in the house :slight_smile: In my opinion what you are describing now refers to the smart home system. I’m not sure that the aircon is included in this system, but I think it is quite real and I fully agree that it definitely would be very economical and increase usability.