Automate built-in microwave countertop light?

Hello everyone,

I am looking for any idea on how to connect my microwave light to my home system.

What can I used ? I can wire that would not be a problem just trying to see if anyone did that and what did you used.

Thank you

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I’m curious, why do you need to control the light?

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Stay on some times at night and I hate to wake up and see that light on.

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You could use an outlet that reports power usage to detect if the light is left on. Depending upon the max wattage of your microwave, you may be able to use GE’s zigbee wall plug, or the one from Zooz (zwave plus). I’ve used both with my microwave.

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If there’s room for it you might be able to wire a z-wave relay into the light circuit inside the microwave. Some of them are really tiny. I’ve seen them from Qubino, MIMOlite, Enerwave, Fibraro, and Aeotec, and there may be other brands as well.

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Brand and model of the microwave? And are you talking about the light inside the microwave or one that runs under the edge of the door?

Also, is there a button or switch on the microwave that can turn that light on and off? How is it getting left on in the first place? Most of the microwave models I’ve seen, the interior light will only be on if the door is open or the microwave is running. If the problem is somebody failing to shut the door all the way, that’s a whole different issue.

Finally, I would be very reluctant personally to do anything which breaches the cabinet integrity of the microwave. I certainly wouldn’t add any devices inside the wiring. Instead, I would look for ways to address it externally, either by the socket it plugs into or with a button pusher.

Another option might be just to put a lux sensor near it and set a rule that if the light level is above a certain Number late at night, to cut the power to a smart socket that the microwave is plugged into. Then turn that socket back on at sunrise.

That would mean the microwave wouldn’t work late at night, though, so I don’t know if that meets your requirements. If you also have another smart switch somewhere in the kitchen, like a light switch, you could create a rule that would only operate when that light switch was turned off, which would mean somebody turning on the light in the kitchen would enable the microwave again. That might be a good compromise. In fact, in that scenario you could just skip the Lux sensor all together and Only provide power to the microwave at night if the light in that room is on. But again, I don’t know if that would meet your needs.

It really comes down to a lot of tiny details, which is why it would be helpful to know the brand and model of the microwave. :sunglasses:

That’s the light I cannot used a wall switch must be something that I can connect to the wires.

Maybe a WEMOS D1

That may be the solution any models out there that I can pair easy with Smartthings?


Your close-up picture is the part number for the turntable for the microwave. Open the door and look for a label on the edge of the door, that should have the model number.

Also, how do you turn that light off normally? Without using automation.

On and off in the main panel where you open the door selected other stuff “surface light”

I see. Most manufacturers call that a “cooktop light,” but I understand your model calls it a surface light.

Since the wiring is outside of the microwave itself, you should be able to put some kind of relay in line there. I just don’t know how well the signal is going to come out past the screen and also I would be concerned about heat and steam from the cooktop below.

If it was me, I would probably back up further along the circuit and, as I suggested previously, wire in a relay to cut the power to the microwave itself late at night unless some other light switch in the room were on. That avoids the environmental issues of having the device right above the cooktop. But I don’t know if that meets your requirements.

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I actually want to do this as well. My son loves leaving that darn light on and it drives me crazy! I don’t want to use a smart plug because then resetting the time would also drive me crazy!

In line relay seems like the ticket but don’t want to do all the work tracking down the correct circuit.

Sooooo, I just deal with it for now. I remember when I was starting off, seems like my family loved finding a switch or anything to plug in to leave “on” just to get under my skin. :rofl:

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