Automate blinds spinning rod

Does anyone know of a window blind spinner to close a shade?
I don’t need to retract the blinds, but I need to spin the rod to open a close shutters. Doesn’t require much effort and I found the only product below:

Wondering if anyone has seen something else. Trying to avoid a complete DIY project though.

I tried to find something to do this but because this requires so many rotations to get it to move the blinds I gave up and went to a retrofit inside the headerrail instead.

That’s a headrail retrofit as well, correct?

yep, just trying to provide alternative options to consider

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Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Those will work w/ SmartThings through bondhome integration

i’ve designed a ESP8266 nodemcu with battery pack and a servo that attaches to the rod wand on the blinds and turns what ever direction you want in how ever many

Do you mean FOR how many seconds? Have you modified the servo to be Continually rotating? Also, I’m confused why you have 2 transistors before your servo. If you have a servo that works with an Arduino, this is not required. You can wire directly to the board. For example,

That servo does not require the complex circuit you describe. You merely have to connect to 5v and ground and your output pin.

sorry wrong photo that was a demo of a project for someone. but yes it would be a modified servo to spin constant and be controlled via smartthings,

Are you actually able to get granularity with that? I would thing the timing would be very difficult to figure out. I did a retrofit with a servo and an ESP board in the headrail and I’m able to adjust directly to the percentage that I dial in. Works perfectly.

How did you do it? Instructions, photos, anything… :slight_smile:

yer but what sketch or device handler did you use?

I used ST_Anything and the servo library.

Then I used the gearbox from this thread:

I was even able to modify the gearbox to work for my vertical blinds. They are even easier to rotate than the horizontal ones so they move very easily.

There’s a video and pictures of my setup in the vertical blinds link.

No, I have not. How far do you have to rotate the knob to open/close the blinds?

Servos come in 2 varieties, 180 degree and 360 degree. They can also be modified to run in “continuous rotation”. But I don’t know how you are going to DIY a solution to go around that knob and still have a 1:1 rotation unless the servo is mounted directly out from the knob, which would look terrible.

Well well… ordered 270 servos. Next I’m going to need some 5v usb chargers. Today I printed one mini pro case just to see how it looks on the wall. It’s great. So…servos and wemos are coming.

EDIT. I continue my chat in main topic.