Authorizing MyApp to access my SmartThings isn't allowing me to authorize

When I send my application users to they are greeted with the warning that

MyApp will be able to…

View and receive information and events from any of your connected Things.
Trigger any of your connected Things to take actions on your behalf (like turning on a light).
From: Software Office

Client is not associated with a SmartApp in location Software Office.

When they change their location (in this case it’s Software Office)
The problem is that there currently IS a SmartApp Associated with the location Software Office… We need to be able to access our client’s smart things api endpoints. I’m new to this particular project, but apparently it was working at some point and that clients were able to hook up their smart things endpoints into our app.

I was told (by support) that the guy for this question was @slagle

If you want help from the Community, you’ll have to post source code, please, so we can see what’s going on.

Preferably links to GitHub or Gist…

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Is the SmartApp “published” by SmartThings or only residing in a personal account?

  1. Up until a few months ago, SmartApp connections could be shared from personal accounts, but not anymore.

  2. Also, multiple “shards” were added (NA01, NA02, EU01) that need to be accounted for in the OAuth installation process.


Terry is right with his suggestions. Are you working off the most recent documentation?


New info is trickling in about a mysterious legacy smartapp. I’m assuming that our client token may have been associated with the smartapp that our app is trying to install, and that it could have been associated with a personal ST account, which caused our integration for new connections to stop working, but left it working anywhere that the smartapp already installed. Does that sound like a reasonable hypothesis? (I’m currently trying to find out where that SmartApp is and who wrote it, I’ll report back if I find it. I’m digging through my predecessor’s breadcrumbs. :slight_smile: )

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May I ask what you App is? Just wondering if I’ve heard of it… I’ve been around here forever. :slight_smile:


I think I found it.

I don’t know who this author is though. It has the same endpoints that we’re looking for.

Ok, I think I’m starting to converge on the problem.

I believe that we had that smartapp being installed by our application. Apparently one of two things stopped that from being able to happen.
1: It was deemed insecure by ST. (I’ve heard rumblings that we got an email about this a while back, and we have a new smartapp that fixes a security hole that was found)
2: We were sharing it from a personal account. I’m still not sure how to get a not-personal account (I don’t see account upgrades in the st ide anywhere)

I’m leaning toward #2 as the probable cause.

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That’s by Curb, the whole home energy meter device.

Is that your company or just a device your client is using?

If you only have a few clients using it, you could manually paste the code into their individual accounts and then configure your App with the Client SmartApp ID and Access Token required.

Private Message me if you want to discuss my professional services to assist.

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That is quite common; to get it officially shared is a pretty long process, unfortunately; so worthwhile for long term, but not for a few immediate clients.

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