August Smart Lock - $110 or $120 - Amazon Alexa Voice Deals

Amazon has the newest generation August Smart Lock - Dark Gray for $120 using Alexa voice deals. You also get a $10 Amazon gift card if this is your first Alexa deals purchases $20+. Just say “Alexa, order an August Smart Lock.”

This seems like a good deal and I’ve tested it, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

The latest August Smart Lock is $169.99 - $50 Alex discount + Tax.

I’m just trying to figure out the integration that is available through ST right now. I have several Kwikset locks but my wife hates the big bulky back on them. I was thinking about getting this for the front and back doors which are more visible than where the Kwiksets are.


If you’ve got a Pi or Mac, you could use this.

Probably not the Smart Lock for most people using SmartThings, but it works out nicely for me. I plan on using it for a backdoor that leads to a garage and only locking and unlocking with a HomeKit scene I have for nighttime. I’ll use the git I linked to do basic integration in ST. Unfortunately, this is about as good as it gets unless August changes course.

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