August Smart Lock Pro + Connect $166 @ Amazon (April 14, 2019)


This seems to include a free installation as well!


Having used Amazon services before, I’ve learned to always go and look at how the service is actually described as it’s added to the shopping cart.

In this case, it’s described as “installing a deadbolt in a wooden door frame.” That’s the description that the third-party service provider will get.

I can pretty much guarantee that the odds of them knowing anything about the August lock or even how to install it on the interior side of the door are zero to 10%. Their shop will not even be told that it is a smart lock when they get the order.

So if you don’t already have a deadbolt on the door, the discounted service should be able to add one.

If you’re hoping for someone to be able to actually set up the August lock and know what they’re doing, you need to use the Amazon employees who are listed under “smart home services.“ My experience with them has been very good. And they do list the August as one of the models they can install.