Associations Zen22 and leviton ZW15R Plug

I’m trying to use a Zooz Zen22 V4 light switch to control both the room light and a leviton ZW15R zwave plug. The goal is if you turn on or off the switch both the light and plug will turn on/off with minimal delay.

Unfortunately that particular combination probably won’t work. (You can check with zooz support to be sure.) There are two problems.

  1. The security levels of the two devices have to match. As an older device, Zooz zen 22 does not support S2 security, but the Leviton does. So the Leviton may not accept commands from the zooz in this case.

  2. The Zooz zen22 only sends dimmer commands. ( that’s what “multilevel“ means in this context.) Not regular on-off commands. So its commands again will likely be ignored by the Leviton.

So unless the firmware revision means something has changed, I don’t think this combination will work for you. :disappointed_relieved:

In contrast, here’s a dimmer switch from Eaton which does have the capability of being associated to an on/off device like an outlet. See the difference in the association matrix? That’s the kind of structure you need to look for if you want to have a dimmer switch trigger a non dimming outlet through Zwave direct association.

The newest Zooz dimmer, zen72, would meet both of these conditions, so you could use that.

You would just have to check other models individually. Or again, ask Zooz support for model suggestions.

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I don’t mind changing either the switch or the plug. I happen to have the Zen22 laying around and can return the leviton plug.

My house has a small wine/liquor room with a single switch that controls a in celling LED light. I built a wall sconce which plugs into a grounded outlet. My goal is that when I press the light switch both the in ceiling and wall sconce turn on at the same time. Automations have a 1-2 sec delay.

I would love a dimmable wall outlet but its might understanding they don’t exist. Because of the looks i would like to avoid a zwave module that plugs into a regular outlet. I’m trying to keep it as clean as possible.

If I did get a dimmable plug such as the Minoston MP21ZD and switch back to a dumb outlet would I be able to use the Zen22 switch? It seems to be a fairly small footprint and the dimming would be a plus.

I don’t need the ceiling light to dim.

They will probably have to dim together, that’s usually how zwave direct association works for a dimming target.

The Minoston MP21ZD is still using S2 security, though, so that could be a problem. You would have to pair it unsecured, and that’s sometimes tricky. I’m not familiar with that particular model as far as those options. Quite a few of the less expensive devices will always pair at the highest level of security possible, I just don’t know on that one. You have to force it to S0 level security if you can.

There’s always going to be a slight delay because the wall switch is mechanically controlling the current to the ceiling fixture, so that will be just as quick as a dumb switch would be. Then it’s going to send a radio command to the plug/outlet. That should be quick, but it won’t be simultaneous.

If you want to synchronize them, you need to put an extra step in so that the wall switch does not directly control current to the ceiling fixture either. But it gets tricky and there’s no guarantee that they’ll be fully synchronized every time.

it seems like both the ZEN76 and Zen72 would meet the requirements. the zen76 is only on off

thanks for the help

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installed a Zooz Zen76 and it works great. Delay is a fraction of a second and probably couldn’t get anything faster unless it was directly wired together.

The best part of the association via the device handler is it always corrects the light. For example: If the lamp is on but the switch light is off and I press the switch off the lamp turns off. If I press it on the lamp would have stayed on and the over head light turns on. This allows me to use the lamp as a accent light via a nightly routine but still have control via the switch.

Thanks again


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