Asking Alexa to open the door?

Ok, I understand it is a build in security feature, however, in my case I have a front Gate and there is no way someone from the street can enter the house by talking to Alexa through door. At the same time, once I open a gate to my buddies (automating it via push button), I would like to simply tell Alexa to open the front door so I don’t have to walk down from the one end of the house to another when i am busy at the kitchen.
How do I do that?

There were some responses in your first post back in December. Did none of them work? I believe the virtual switch is one option to consider.

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Yeah, none of the responses I got back about a year ago worked. I was wondering if there are any new or updated smart apps to make it work.

While it is a ‘big’ install Ask Alexa can do this, but it would fundamentally change how you use alexa (like putting 'ask Smart thing" in front of the command.

The recent changes in the Alexa mobile app now provide an option to allow unlock by voice:


Thank you Nezmo. I am still learning new Alexa app. I can’t even find “Smar tHome” under setting options anymore. Where is Smart Home on the new app?

Here you go:

Then once you choose locks and the specific lock device click the three dots to get to settings:

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Thank you. Will try it.