AskAlexa to read back a voice report?

I used to have Ask Alexa configured in a way such that when I say “Alexa ask automation to give me temperature status” (“automation” is the configured trigger word), it would read back temperature from two pre-selected temperature sensors.
I just reset everything and started over, got ask alexa installed correctly but I just can’t seem to remember how I set up that temperature report thing. I tried setting up a “Voice Report” with the two temperatures sensors selected and then created a “Macro” called “give me temperature status” with it invoking the voice report (as Extension Group/Run), needles to say it is not working.
Can anyone point me to instructions that will help me with this? The Ask Alexa wikis seem more tuned for the initial set up and not for configuring it for specific use cases that require a combination of settings across Ask Alexa and its extensions. Help!

@zraken I can help!

First, I assume you got past the “automations” invocation word, correct?

Second, I am assuming you set up the developer’s slots with the name of the voice report you are creating (in this case “give me temperature status”.) This would be in the “LIST_OF_MACROS”.

Third, it appears you came from an older version where the voice reports were part of macros. I have since moved Voice Reports to a separate extension, so you should be running the latest version (2.3.8 of the main code, and 1.0.9 of the voice reports code.

If so, then your voice should looks something like this:

Under “Environmental” report you will choose the two sensor you want to report on, and then slide if you want them to report as an average of the two or simply each one.

Then you should simply be able to give the command “Alexa, ask {invocation} to {voice report name}”

The most important thing if this DOESN’T work is what it says, and what is reported in the IDE live logging.

Let me know if that helps. Also, I recommend putting Ask Alexa questions in the official thread ([RELEASE] Ask Alexa) as I am immediately notified of that. Otherwise, I have to troll the forum :slight_smile:

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Ok, that helped and it works now. Even though I had all of the code updated I was trying to set it up the old way using Macros and that was the problem.
BTW, thanks for authoring and sharing this great utility. Also, I think having everyone post their ask alexa related questions on one single mega thread is not helpful. Even with the “search within topic” option of the forum I was scrolling through pages and pages of posts without finding anything relevant to what I was looking for. It is a lot easier to find relevant answers when there are individual topics. Ask Alexa is like a Swiss army knife and you are not doing justice to your own creation by keeping it all in a single thread! (Just sharing my 2c).

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Glad you got it working…

As for the thread, good point! Unless you tag me I don’t get alerted to your question. That was really what I was saying. But we got it taken care of so that is good.

Thanks for the suggestion and the kind words!