Ask Alexa is belligerent

When I “Ask Alexa” to do something, she states that the version of my lambda code is out of date. Could someone help find the new code? Considering that I remember how to get into the lambda site. Is there anything else I will need to update this? Thanks

That doesn’t mean she is belligerent. You need to keep up tp date on the codes, she doesn’t do that automatically.

Check here:

I agree.


Unless she also insulted you, or declared war on you, or something?

I would like to add that it…the amazon echo… is not a “she”. It is a non-living thing. Therefore incapable of conveying emotional behaviors; including belligerence.

Well, it could be programmed to respond in a belligerent manner.

“Alexa, turn on the living room lights.”
“OK… you idiot.”

Not saying that would be a good marketing move, though.


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My Alexa is a she. She has a female voice and a female name; therefore, a she.

You can always call yours Amazon or computer.


Lots of nonliving things are " she" by convention. Ships, for example. Rivers. Some cities. The Earth. The moon. A country in the context of homeland (or motherland). Nature. Hurricanes. The Catholic Church. Some cannons.

Probably more importantly, as an AI, it is customary to assign gender based on voice selected. Alexa has a feminine name and a female voice: “she” is appropriate. :sunglasses:




My .02 updated in topic :grin:

Alexa, are you male or female?
I’m female in character.

So Alexa even says she’s female, unlike whatever that is that @DParker posted above that might identify as female today or whatever made up gender tomorrow.

There is a Fatherland also, it’s not mentioned much anymore.

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And to be clear we are talking about “Asking Alexa” (native integration) and not “Ask Alexa” which is NOT native Smart Things integration but a developer application?

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If you ask Alexa:

What Gender are you?
Alexa are you a man?
Alexa are you a woman?

She responds with I’m female in character for all questions.

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He said the Lambda was not current so that would be his askAlexa.

:joy: More than likely the way he worded his first post. Who knows, he might respond belligerently.

Cool…just want to make sure…

If this IS Ask Alexa, the only way that response would come up is if only a portion of the application is upgraded and not the other. All pieces of the app have to be ‘in sync’ to work properly.

“He said…”. are you referring to the OP or the Echo? I thought the consensus was that it was a female machine? I’m confused.


He being the OP.
She being Alexa.

Can you add belligerent as a personality trait to AA?

I can’t believe one little word “belligerent” and I get 19 responses with only 1 that was really any help.