As a self monitored security system - Visual status needed for ARM vs DISARM

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New here, been reading for days and have everything pretty much planned out but have a question on using ST as a self monitored security system. I’ll be converting my hardwired zones over to ST by way of Konnected.Io but my primary concern is a visual/quick glance of the armed/disarmed status.

Right now I have a 2GIG GC3, however, I am tired of paying ~$20 per month for Alarm.Com to “see” my system remotely. What I do like however, if when the system is ARMED the GC3 has a red ring around the button to provide visual notification the security system is ON and a green ring around the button when OFF.

My family needs this visual notification to “remember” to disarm the system in the morning or arm the system at bed time. I also like it when I get up at night for something, quick look, see the red light on knowing who ever went to bed last ARMED the system.

Even if I wall mount a tablet for ST control of everything I am still trying to determine how I can get this “at a glance” feature knowing if the system is ON of OFF. Any recommendations on how I can accomplish this? I would like this feature on every floor of the house (i.e. main entry where 1 GC3 panel is now, master bedroom where a secondary GC3 is now).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/show and tell how this can work.

You could do a couple things. Non-DYI you can buy some RGB light bulbs and place them around the house. More DIY you can use ST_Anything with a RGB LED to make the light you want (cost you $15 and some time).

Some company was going to make little RGB nightlights but I don’t know if that ever got off the ground.

Of course if you replace the 2Gig panels with some tablets you could get ActionTiles and have the status at a glance. Here is my panel:


Pretty easy to tell its armed or not and the status around the house. I’m using a combination of Konnected and ST_Anything.


People have addressed this in many different ways, most commonly by adding a small light. There are some individual devices that do this very well, or some people have made their own.

See the following recent discussion:

In addition, you can use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look down near the bottom of that page for the “project report” section and then choose the list for “alerts.” This will bring up a list of the number of different topics that might be of interest.

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Thank you both! Found a good idea using the HS-WS200 RGB smart switch. Seems it will do exactly what I am looking for.