Lighting SmartApp

I’m using the Smart Lighting SmartApp. The trigger is supposed to turn on a light when everyone is away from home but only between sunrise and sunset.

Instead it is turning on the light at 7:14am (everyone is away from home).

Anyone know why? I’ve tried removing this and resetting it. What else should I try?

Can you post a SS or 2 of the conditions?

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I think a screenshot of the settings would be useful, but perhaps it would be helpful to clarify what is supposed to happen, and what exactly is happening.

Should the time restriction be between sunset and sunrise (night), or between sunrise and sunset (day)? You have written the latter, but was that intended?

What are the approximate times of sunset and sunrise at the moment? Do you know if Smart Lighting is picking up the correct times?

Is the light turning on at 7:14 am every day, or is that just an example of a wrong time of day?

You say that everyone is away from home at 7:14 am, so is the problem that it is outside your time restriction, or that everyone had been away for some time so it shouldn’t have triggered at that time? When do you think the light should have been turned on?

Are you using mobile presence? Is it working correctly for ‘everyone’? My mobile presence on the ‘new’ app on Android seems to show the right number of changes of presence, but the times range from being correct (as they were today) to being up to two hours late.

Oops. I meant between sunset and sunrise (night)
Sunrise here is 7:22am and sunset is 5:15pm

Don’t know if Smart Lighting is picking up correct time.

Light is turning on everday at 7:14 and sometime 7:13am

I set the app to sense the presence of my and wife’s phone to have left the geofence diameter set around my house but only to turn the light on if it is between sunset and sunrise. In other words when we are not home at night.