Hi all. Is anyone aware of a dual-chamber essential oil diffuser that is compatible with ST and/or IFTTT? I’m aware that there are ones on Amazon that can connect via IFTTT, but they are single chambered (single scent).

What I’m looking to do is have a device that can have one scent for going to bed and one for waking up. I could do this by buying two IFTTT single-scent diffusers, but that seems cluttered. Anyone seen anything?

Also, not interested in solutions that are $$$ (ie- Aera or Moodo).

Like this only controllable

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That’s a good option if you seek a diffuser.
I’m using an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier from Everlasting Comfort. It has essential oils tray and I’m very satisfied with it. You may read more about it here.