Need help finding essential oil diffuser for use with smart outlet

Subject says it all!! And thank you all in advance for any options you can give.

I am having a difficult time finding a diffuser that uses an in line switch for power. All of the small consumer electronics are moving towards having multiple buttons on the device itself for control of the appliance.

Maybe you all have some other ideas for me in how to execute this for use with a smart outlet and smartthings.

Thank you all so much!!!

I hear of a guy using Harmony to control a diffuser that had an IR remote. I am trying to do the same thing as you though so I could place it wherever.

Yeah. The ir is so hit or miss in where I would have to place blasters etc in order for it to be effective. I’ve attempted that method and it was pretty much a pain in the butt haha.

I’m very surprised there haven’t been any responses on this one. This forum is normally spot on with these kind of questions.

Thank you for your input!!

It looks like the power switch can be left on on this one. I don’t own one, just saw it on Amazon.

Thank you for that. I have not been having much luck finding many choices. They all seem to have electronic switch etc. which don’t bode well with use on automated outlets.