Arming and Disarming Delay for SHM?

Is there a way of creating an arming and disarming delay in Smart Home Monitor to allow for these activities to be performed from within the house or from a tablet at home as a back up to mobile phone?


Thanks for your reply.

I saw your post previously and have tried a couple of times.

I tried to download it, would like to at least try it before donating, but can’t get past the PayPal page, therefore don’t even see the download link!

The PayPal link is just for the PayPal donation.

Instead, look at the first post in that thread, go down to section 6, “SmartApp Installation,” and it gives you the instructions for how to get to the code that you can install for free. :sunglasses:. If you have any questions about that process, just ask in that thread and someone will help you.

Then if you like it, you can consider a donation.

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