Arlo 6 cam kit $600 1/25/17

Best buy has Arlo 6 cam system $600 .

Price matched on Amazon as well


No temptation on this one for me. I already " spent my allowance" this month on the new pellet stove for sunroom and the new Phase II police scanner.

It is amusing that Arlos go on sale right after Blink shuts down ST integration though.

What!? I noticed my cameras were not showing up in the app and I just haven’t had time to check it out. What was the reason.

I think the official excuse from Blink was that ST users were causing too much traffic & overloading their servers.

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Good a reason as any. My cameras are working and sending push notifications but no image in the ST mobile app.

Found a post by Royboy that Blink is holding off for now but to use it you’ll need to update the device handler.