Are all Z-Wave switches compatible?

Brand new to Smartthings. Several years ago I outfitted my home with Aspire (Cooper Electronics) switches and receptacles, throughout. They’re a specific style, so if one goes, I have to order online. See catalog:

Last month, I upgraded to LEDs and the LED dimmers offered had Z-Wave built into the switches. I decided to add a few more switches, plus a battery operated switch that our toddler can reach. None of the switches are networked, yet.

Bought the Smartthings hub to be my Z-wave controller, but I have yet to be able to program a single switch onto the smartthings network. The app seems to favor brands like Aeon, Enerwave, GE, and Leviton. Do I have to stick with these brands or all Z-wave items compatible?

The instructions on the switches are pretty simple: Set the controller to “add a device” and then press the switch you wish to add. Has not worked, so far.

Here is a post you may find helpful.

I know you said the switches had not been networked but it may be necessary to reset them before pairing to the SmartThings hub. See your manual for that process.

Keep in mind too that when pairing, information is not repeated thru any existing mesh network. The hub must be brought within a few feet of the switch being paired in order to speak directly to it for the pairing process.


Thanks. I will try to move the hub as close as possible. That being said, is the Aspire 9500 able to work as a slave, as well? I still have some reading to do.

Got them all working. The first was the hardest, because they all act as repeaters. I had to get close to the nearest switch and then I worked my way out.

I decided to buy a minimote for the 3-way switch I have, it looks like this is the only way for it to be done. I have standard Single-pole master switch (RF9501) controlling a light, an anyplace switch (RF9500) to drive the master, and then I am going to add a RFTR9505 Receptacle to the same control loop to turn on with the light. Far as I can tell, I need the minimote to establish the correct 2-way communications.

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Using the minimote to create the associations is fine, that’s popular. :sunglasses:

The alternative is to temporarily assign the devices to the “Z wave tweaker” Device type handler and then set the associations with that. Then you switch it back to the original device type handlers once you have all the parameters the way you want them to be

Either way works, so it’s up to you which you find easier. But you may want to use the tweaker in the future to change parameters, so I thought I’d mention it. :sunglasses:

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