Arduino Doorbell with smart shield help

I don’t want to sound like a lazy mooch, but Would anyone be willing to write some code for me to use my Arduino and smart shield to monitor and alert when my doorbell is pressed? I’ve got these boards sitting around and I intended to try to learn how to write code for it. Unfortunately, life isn’t cooperating and giving me the time I need to teach myself. Any takers?


Take a look at my ST_Anything library. You could very simply treat your doorbell button as a contact sensor and then use standard SmartApp/Dashboard logic to send you a Push Notification any time the sensor is tripped. You can customize my sample to eliminate most of the example sensors in both the sketch and the Device Type code.

The bigger issue is whether or not you want the existing doorbell to work still. Doorbells use a 15VAC power source. You don’t want to fry your Arduino in the process. You may need a relay to switch the 15VAC to the actual doorbell. You will probably lose the light in your doorbell button though…

Here’s my library…

Announcing the "ST_Anything" Arduino/ThingShield Project

Thanks for this! I don’t suppose you’d be able to point me to which pins the wires would go on the Arduino, would you. Like I stated, I am very new to Arduino and don’t really know what I am doing.


I am actually considering something very similar for my doorbell as well. However, you have to be very careful when dealing with the typical 15 VAC power supply of a typical doorbell in the US (not sure where you’re located or what type of doorbell you have.)

Since mine is the 15 VAC type, I have ordered a

5A Range Current Sensor Module ACS712

to see if I can safely interface the doorbell circuit to my Arduino.

You really should do some reading and basic Arduino experimentation with examples on the Arduino web site before you attempt this. Get some LEDs, resistors, and pushbuttons along with a breadboard to learn the basics. The choice of pins depends on the type of circuit you use to detect when the doorbell has been pressed.

If I ever finish the Doorbell project, I will share the code with you, as well as the wiring diagram.

Others have achieved notification of a doorbell activation via other methods. There is a pretty long discussion about using other devices, housed inside the doorbell chime enclosure, which does not require an Arduino or ThingShield. That may be a much simpler route for you to go.

For me, my doorbell wiring is in the same location I am already planning g to install one of my ST_Anything Arduino/ThingShield devices.


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@ogiewon - eventually I will bypass the doorbell all together. My plan is to have a sonos play the sound, but I don’t have one yet. I don’t really like the solution of placing a device on the bell and sensing vibration. It has the potential for too many false posatives.

@ogiewon - would I be able to wire a mimolite dry contact before the transformer and have that send me the alerts? So the input would be directly from the button, and the output would go to the transformer. Or would that transformer fry the device?

Never mind. I answered my own question.

Is there a reason to make this so complicated with the Arduino? If all you want is an alert when the doorbell is pressed, there are significantly easier ways to do this.

Check out this post here where myself and others share their doorbell set ups.

I saw Those posts after posting this. I went the arduino route because I have a shield for smart things I am not using and wanted to use it. Furthermore I have already fried 2 switches because I am an idiot and don’t know what I am doing. lol

Eventually I plan on replacing my door bell with a more electronic version of it. I want to be able to disable and enable my doorbell on a schedule.