Aqara vibration sensors available


07:52:41: debug Motion test: Parsing ‘read attr - raw: 34A20101011208052556001E009B04, dni: 34A2, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0101, size: 12, attrId: 0508, encoding: 25, value: 049b001e0056’

Drop again just to be sure.

07:54:05: debugMotion test: Parse returned [name:Model, value:]

26254dd9-1ed2-4445-92d7-39782979e13b 07:54:04: debugMotion test: Parsing ‘read attr - raw: 34A2010101120805254E0026009C04, dni: 34A2, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0101, size: 12, attrId: 0508, encoding: 25, value: 049c0026004e’

Hi Keith, thank for all you time and effort you’re putting into this sensor. The only think that concerns me is that the sensor is activated. As you said, acceleration will cover all actions. How hard would it be to have a dth for acceleration? That will cover all events but not define them, correct?

They are for sale right now at gearbest, $10.99 each

My two just arrived … Wanting to replace some Motion samsung motion sensors with these.
Hoping this will be what Im wanting. :slight_smile: something that can be placed on a door and get its motion to activate lights :slight_smile: not rely on something breaking a beam.

Well thank you for all of the log output! It’s helpful and appears to correspond to information I have found from various sources online (including the two links I listed above).

I have decided to buy two of the Aqara Vibration sensors, but of course since they are shipping via e-Packet from China to me in Oregon, U.S.A., it will probably take 2-4 weeks.

After reading all of the current information people have discovered about this sensor (and not all aspects have been determined), it’s quite clear that I will need to have one that I can connect to my SmartThings hub to do testing and debugging. If anyone is interested in loaning me one of theirs while I wait for mine to arrive, it would help speed up the process of developing a DTH! If you cover shipping to me I will pay for return shipping!

This is an important thing to decide about the DTH. The people on the deCONZ plugin GitHub discussion thread (in the link I gave previously) are also talking about how to implement the 3 different functions of the sensor.

On the SmartThings platform, in the device handler (DTH) the functions of any device have to be linked to one or more SmartThings Capabilities. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious: A button’s functions are linked to the Button Capability. A smart bulb is linked to the Bulb Capability. Then when something happens with that device that lead to the DTH receiving a message, the DTH generates an Event linked to the Capability. Almost all SmartApps (with the notable exception of WebCoRE) only recognize Events associated with official SmartThings Capabilities.

So in the case of this sensor, the vibration function could be linked to the Acceleration or Motion Capabilities – or possibly allow either, chosen by the user, as the Vison Shock Sensor DTH does (but that is quite complex and I’d need permission from the author to use some of his code).

If the vibration function is linked to the Motion Capability, then it would make sense to link the tilt function to the Acceleration Capability, and (if usable) also assign the X, Y, Z values the sensor sends to the 3-Axis Capability (though this Capability is only supported by the SmartThings Classic app, and there’s no information on whether it will be supported when custom DTHs are supported by the new SmartThings app.)

Finally, the fall/drop detection function needs to be linked to yet another Capability. This is tricky because there isn’t any obvious Capability for that type of event. I’d suggest linking it to the Button Capability, because it works just fine as a trigger in SmartApps.

These are just suggestions of what Capabilities to link to the three functions of the sensor, though. The button Capability could be linked to both fall/drop and tilt events, since the Button Capability allows for multiple button numbers on a device (e.g., tilt = button 1 pushed, and fall/drop = button 2 pushed).

There’s no guarantee it will work for that use case. It’s going to take a while to build a finished DTH and then you’ll just have to try it…

Got mine today. Originally thought it was advertised as a motion sensor for tracking movement , but looks like it’s a vibration sensor. That’s ok, cuz I may just put it inside my mailbox so I can be alerted when the mail arrives. I will be keeping a close eye on this thread to see if a device handler emerges.

Well Im super game to be a Beta Tester :slight_smile: Cannot wait to see what you come up with and I agree thankyou so much for jumping on this. Have you talked to them about this sensor ??

Good morning Keith. Who’d thought such a little device could be capable of so much. I’d be very happy to send you a sensor but I’m not sure how long it will take to get to you from Ireland. Send me your address and I’ll send one, I don’t need it back.

Thanks again.

Sorry I thought I had something from them and it turns out to be useless…
A while back they seemed keen to want to help make them integrate with Smartthings
I do not know what happened but I would bet that a good 10% or better of their users
are Smartthings owners. And that number would jump with native support from Smartthings
(IE making their DH avail to Smartthings for inclusion (works with Smartthings label)
But it would be awesome to get this company to understand that we are a growing
sector of their sales. And even working with people like Keith and CopyCat73 to help
get these working properly… Kinda like the Dual switch Wireless switch where only one
button works (but both buttons are the same button Unless this is fixed)
I think if more show they want the support from them it will happen. Not to discount what
everyone is doing but having a WIKI on their codes would Rock and make this alot
easier. And seriously Im here to help so let me know how to get you information from
mine Ill surly send it to this thread… I have 2 but only opened one as once this works I will
be doing an Unboxing (OMG its a lot of packaging for so little) and install for Smartthings.
(hopefully on a V3 HUB) Thanks for all you do I do not think I could get my head around coding
again (programed Basic WAY back and use to do Cold Fusion programing also But that was
Ages ago)

Looking forward to your unboxing vid, and inclusion tricks, I have some of these coming in a few weeks. Hopefully there’ll be a DTH!

Thanks It will happen once there is a DTH and I am going to be doing several Smartthings videos after I get my V3 hub also …

I will say this it takes about 6 emails to get Aquara to finally talk to you.
They claim they will be opening their community to others so there will be better
information for us as a community to work with their devices… But they said SLOWLY…
They will be opening it up…

Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

I have uploaded an intital beta release of a DTH (device handler) for the Aqara Vibration Sensor.

Please see this post:

I’d prefer comments and discussion on this new DTH over on that thread as it’s part of the bspranger/Xiaomi collection of device handlers.



Hi again!

In case there’s anyone who hasn’t been checking the thread I referred to in my previous post, I have released a new beta version of the Aqara Vibration Sensor DTH, which I feel is the first “stable” release.

Please see this post for the download link, a list of changes / fixes, and details about the functionality of the DTH.

Installed one of these 2 days ago. It stays connected about 10 minutes and at some point device becomes unavailable. This is installed about 20 feet from the hub and the room probably has 10-12 ZigBee devices and none ever lost connection since installed about a year ago.

Tried resetting this morning and it stayed connected for about 2 minutes once I reset. Seriously considering taking a $10 loss and throw this thing in the trash can, maybe save the battery for later use.

I have a vibration sensor for a week now. Works great. Pairing took some time, but it is working well ever since. Thanks for the DHT.

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Me too…
The DTH has been working fine for me
Been connected solidly for nearly a month

Just like to say Thanks

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Xiaomi devices don’t play well with repeaters, if its passing through one, its probably your problem. Kill your zigbee network by pulling the power from your hub (and batteries) for at least 15 minutes. Then bring that device right next to your hub and restore power. That should force it to connect directly to your hub instead of going through a repeater.

I used to walk around my house and unplug all my zigbee devices (lights & plugs), which essentially eliminates the repeaters. Now I just pair the Aqara devices right next to the hub and once they’ve been stable for a couple days, move them to their final location. :+1: