Aqara Smart IP Camera

Has anyone tried to use the Aqara Smart IP Camera with SmartThings?

This is the link to the actual camera - Aqara Smart IP Camera


Now that my Blink cameras don’t work they way I hoped they would, I am interested in this camera too. Not sure if someone like @ArstenA, @RInkelk, @Mobile785, @cancrusher, who were working together to get the xiaomi/aqara door-window sensor HD working could chime in??

This device is a zigbee hub which works with the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem.

It would not be able to connect to the ST hub. We would need to try and create a “bridge” via some internet protocol from Xiaomi to ST.

Thanks for the feedback @ArstenA. I hadn’t realised it was a hub as well, and thought it might have just * needed a DH like the other Xiaomi/Aqara devices you (and others) sorted out.

  • he ignorantly says…not knowing what is involved with creating a DH :slight_smile: