Apple postpones HomePod Release to 2018

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In spite of apple’s hope that they could position the HomePod as primarily a Music speaker, The flood of new features from both Amazon and Google home in the last four months have crushed those plans. And as currently designed, The HomePod just couldn’t compete in the voice assistant “smart speaker” category. It looks like they were afraid of coming in dead last in multiple product comparisons, including versus the Sonos with Alexa. Plus they have to decide what to do about voice calling.


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My bad, i missed it. What’s the thread?

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Fascinating development. Alexa and Google are just gonna keep marching forward… how can Apple hope to compete later, if they cant compete now? I almost imagine they’d be better off getting into the game now and just keep playing catch-up, rather than delay in hopes of somehow launching a product that can do all those things right out of the gate