App or integration for complex scheduling?

I know about the scheduling in the ST app and I use WebCore, and I have used several lighting and thermostat schedulers, and I use Alexa scheduling…and Nest scheduling…and so on

Is there any good way for me to schedule everything from one place with a decent UI that doesn’t require me to write a webcore piston that watches a google calendar for events.

There just be something that is like WebCore (aware of all devices and attributes and allows expressions etc to run) but designed just for scheduling.

I want to consolidate about 30 different schedules into one tool - temp setting and on-off-dim would suffice.

Ideally it would have a concept aligned to how outlook does meeting recurrence …of ‘every day’ or ‘every Monday’ … rather than make me to compete a calendar of every event I ever want to trigger.

Or has someone done the integration with google calendar in a nice reusable way?



Also worth noting that I will be using home assistant soon, integrated with ST, if anyone has any HA ideas that do it

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I would definitely take a look at Node Red, which is included as an add on with Home Assistant, but will also work with Smartthings. We discussed Node Red on some other threads:

Specifically, there are “palettes” in Node Red that are like little programs that create nodes to link services, like Smarthings devices, Home Assistant Entities, Google, etc together to perform automations. For me there was a steep learning curve at first, but well worth it. I’m sure its something you can take on if you’re already familiar with Webcore and treading into Home Assistant. Once setup, these palletes look very promising. One can use the Google Calendar to trigger automations, the other uses the UI dashboard in Node Red itself to schedule which sounds a lot like what you are looking for.


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Sorry for not replying to this yet, I was going to play with node red and provide a useful response on how it goes…but a combination of needy toddler and needy work has put me back a bit! Looks like it’s a good answer though from the posted links!