[API Request] Alarm Panel device capability

There a lot of interest in integrating SmartThings with external alarm panels (DSC, Honeywell, etc.) Unfortunately, SmartThings API is missing standard alarm panel device capability. I believe adding alarm panel to the list of SmartThings Capabilities would help better integration of alarm panels with SmartThings ecosystem.

Here’s my alarm panel device capability RFC for anyone to comment:

Name: Alarm Panel
Preferences Reference: alarmPanel
Attributes: panelStatus - [“ready”, “notReady”, “armedAway”, “armedStay”, “alarm”],
Commands: armAway(), armStay(), disarm(), panic(panicType), bypass(zone, on_off), setCode(string)


for the panel status, does it make sense to specify alarm type? For instance, 2Gig has support for security “triggers” but also Fire/CO2 triggers. Probably would be helpful to determine the type of alarm.

BTW - I’m new to this system and learning so if I’m talking out of my a** feel free to call me on it.

Assuming your devices from the security system are also in Smartthings then you wouldn’t need the alarm type on the panel device since you could see a particular zone device in alarm state along with the panel in alarm state. It also makes the panel less specific to any one alarm setup since it only includes the states defined above.

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I wish this went some place…