API limits

I have a device type that makes a GET request to a 3rd party API every two minutes during daylight hours, to get my current solar power production level. The 3rd party limits this API to 300 calls per day from a single IP address.

My question is, would the 3rd party API see the request as coming from my own IP address, or from SmartThings servers IP address, and is there a simple way to prove/disprove this?

If the limit is applied to my own IP address, then I can see the benefit of sharing my device type code with the community, but if it receives the request from the SmartThings address, then by sharing the device type, my own device will stop working as the 300 calls limit could be reached by other users !

I am using hubv2 in UK.

Probably a simple answer for those in the know !

API calls will be fired by our servers. I don’t know all the specifics, but I could see you running into issues. We do have multiple servers firing the call, but I don’t know how it would be spread out.