API end point and app sync

I have started working on a project that will act as a sort of remote control for smartthings. I have been able to successfully long in with oAuth and create a basic page that allows me to turn on and off the lights. The first problems I have encountered are that these triggers do no seem to synchronize with the mobile app. For example, I trigger a light to go off using the url and the light turns off, but the light still appears to be on in the app. When executing the button in the app it just reports turning off for about a minute and then does nothing.

Also, I have a functioning omniauth strategy for SmartThings if any ruby/rails developers are interested.

Hi, I’m just learning to program in smartthings and I’m trying to do just this same thing. If you would consider sharing any code (minus confidential info), I would really appreciate it. I’m trying to convert from a web app that controlled our x10 to an html controlled smartapp controlling smartthings objects via post and a starting example would really help me understand things.

Is the link to the basic provider. I have not had the time to write up basic docs.

Thanks very much, it’s a starting point.

I have made some progress in creating a basic API wrapper in ruby. The oa-provider will get you the token, but a functional API client would get all of the goods. I have not created very many ruby gems at this point so It may take a few days to get it extracted out of my app. Full code with documentation should be on github within the week.

Any progress on this? I’m shocked that nobody has made a fully functioning Ruby wrapper for SmartThings’ API yet. Not sure I’ll have time in the immediate future, but I’ve created several gems and would love to pitch in when I can.