API changes?

Hi Smartthings,

I have a published app “Smart Light Timer, X minutes unless already on”, that stopped working correctly some weeks back. I’ve obviously made no changes to it, for over a year, yet suddenly the logic stopped working. Did you change any API’s, or is there something I need to update?

What happens now, is when a light is already on, the timer still starts and turns it off. The app used to NOT start the time and NOT turn of the light if it was already on.

I can obviously start to debug and fix, but I was under the impression any API changes would be backwards compatible?


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Sounds like a question for @slagle to research… :sunglasses:


Sadly, it’s not unusual for a breaking change to come along with a platform update. Make sure support@ knows about it.

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I assume this post makes sure someone knows about it :slight_smile:

I seem to recall a blog post from a newletter link that said the effect of “no apps were harmed in the recent updates”. I guess I’ll just fix it myself, no biggie for me personally.

Usually a faulty assumption.

Someone (or everyone) has to contact: Support@SmartThings.com


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