API commands in the SmartThings Schema Cloud Connector

I have now selected the SmartThings Schema Cloud Connector, so can I use the API commands? It doesn’t seem to accept the access Token. Does the access Token (JWT) need to be decoded before it can be used? I tried to decode, but the data is not json format.

“alg”: ”HS384"

Payload Data:
“47a22976-9cb6-4990-96c7-xxxxxxx:device Integral:f2256f34-a224-41fc-9822-xxxxxxxx:viper_18099560-748f-11ed-a1b5-xxxxxxxx”

Are any of those codes an API Token? The last one seems to be App ID.

Hi, @Heikki_Pirttinen

Which commands from the API are you trying to use?
The ST Schema creates the device through the interaction types.
The Access Token you get after logging in is used for the discovery and state refresh callbacks.

You’re not using the Schema SDK, right?

I made a new topic.

I tried to see if I could have used API commands, because I couldn’t get state refresh to work. How can I subscribe deviceLifecycle status changes if the API commands is not available? I need information about removing the device.

I don’t use the Schema SDK.