Anyone seen this new two button wallmount?

Looks pretty interesting

Haven’t seen it before, but I’m interested. I have been trying to find something similar for a while. I want to put extra switches in a couple location, but don’t want to run power. This would be perfect.

Looks like some of the homeseer guys are using them…

Also looks really useful for how it’s designed to go over existing switches. I think people who are lacking neutrals may really benefit from these.

Yeah, it is a pretty smart looking design. You can use smart bulbs without having to worry about someone turning off the physical switch. I wonder how the people on the homeseer board got them. It looks like they are pre-order or unavailable everywhere I look.

There are multiple devices of this form factor coming out for both zwave and zigbee. As long as the device can be made to talk to the hub as a button controller it can add a lot of options.

The osram lighting smart dimmer switch is already out, and some community members are working on a device type for it, but they’ve run into some bugs.

Hopefully one of these devices will prove to be compatible eventually.

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Thanks, I keep an eye on the other thread too. I’d like to see them working well.

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