Anyone knows: How to "snoop" / "capture" API requests in mobile app?

I have few products for which there’s a mobile app, via which interactions with the device happens. Such devices use Wifi to connect and the mobile and in effect the mobile app is in the same Wifi network too.

As these devices do not have a published API was wondering if there’s a way to find out details of the interactions between the device and the app. For example a device turns on something or turns off something or sets a schedule. All of which can be configured by the app. I’d like to snoop in and observe this interaction. Then on basis of which I’d like to develop some edge/LUA drivers.

Hi @baivab when you say mobile app, are you referring to SmartThings App or another app?, SmartThings App isn’t possible to see the request to API.

Can you give more context about what you want to implement using the edge drivers?

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I believe the OP is seeking advice on how he might go about reverse engineering the communications between LAN devices and their control apps as he would like to integrate the devices into SmartThings.

Correct. I’d like to review incoming/outgoing communications between LAN device.

Hi @baivab, unfortunately, isn’t possible to see that from SmartThings but here you can find an example of a LAN driver maybe it can help you

I meant snooping not via SmartThings but some other mobile app. If can capture the interactions then I might be able to reverse engineer something which will work in SmartrThings.