Anyone know what happen to Evolve?

Anyone know what happen a z-wave company call Evolve? I have a lot of their z-wave switches but will need to find a new vendor as some are dying while I need couple more here and there.

check on ebay

That’s two different questions and a third possible one.

One) what happened to the company “evolve Guest controls LLC” and the answer is they went out of business about a year ago. But they haven’t updated their Z wave line for several years before that, and I believe a number of their models were rebranded from other manufacturers anyway. But they never even came out with a Z wave plus line.

  1. where can I buy more evolve switches? Some of the big retailer still have some stock, but remember if the company is out of business you won’t be able to get warranty coverage.
  1. if I didn’t get evolve, what else should I get? Personally, I wouldn’t be buying technology that old anymore. You can get what are probably identical looking ones from gocontrol but with zwave plus. And Popular choices with much better technology for less money are both Zooz and Inovelli.
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How is zooz when compare to more popular brand like GE?

Zooz is newer technology, better engineered, better price, and better customer service. :sunglasses: They are very popular in this forum for a reason.

The GE smart switches aren’t made by GE, by the way: the brand-name is licensed to Jasco. They are designed to be a budget brand and that’s what they are.