Anyone know of a paddle switch and 3 prong outlet device?

Hi all, I am looking for a device similar to this HD link below that is IOT enabled…anyone run across something like this? I dont have room to put in a switch and an outlet as I only have 1 gang in the location…

These don’t exist yet for the same reason there are as yet no devices that have both a motion sensor and a light switch in a single gang form. The previous generation radios were too large to get two into one device. That may change with the newest generation of zwave plus devices, but those haven’t come on the market yet.

What you can do is get a “dual relay” and hook that up to both parts of the nonnetworked device. Or two individual micros. That should work fine as long as you have room inside the wall.

Don’t use the fibaro dual because it doesn’t have enough amperage for the outlet. It’s really intended just for lighting. Same with the regular Aeon dual.

But the heavy duty Aeon zwave micro should be fine, or the smartenit zigbee dual relay (although that one is big). You can also use two individual relays if you have enough room. There may be other brands as well, again just check the specs. You want a regular plug-in receptacle to be able to handle 15 A just in case somebody plugs a blender or a fan or whatever into it.

Yet the Z-Wave outlets can do one outlet Z-Wave and the other non-Z-Wave. Other than the space for the physical switch mechanism it would seem to follow that this is very possible to do. I suspect perceived demand is more the issue.

That’s the whole point. There’s only room for one radio.

In order to control two outlets independently, the network device had to be bigger-- too big for most single gang boxes.

The Fibaro is small enough, but it can’t handle the amperage for even a single wall receptacle.

The market demand is there, that’s why one of the very first HomeKit pocket sockets had two independently controlled receptacles. Really nice device, just not compatible with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

I missed the point then. I didn’t realize the OP wanted Z-Wave on both the switch and the outlet.

And, isn’t there one brand of outlet that has independent Z-Wave on each outlet?

I thought so too, but sadly, no. The new GE dual pocket socket has only one radio and the two sockets turn on and off at the same time. Much less useful.

There are several dual endpoint zwave micros that let you control. Each endpoint Independently, but I don’t know of any that are rated to handle an outlet.

The smartenit dual zigbee relay will, but the device itself is bigger than a one gang box. It’s popular for pool equipment where the box size doesn’t usually matter.

Yeah, I just researched again after posting. I though Leviton had one but I must have remembered incorrectly.

Good point – – if the OP only wants Z wave on the lightswitch part of the device, a single micro should work just fine. :sunglasses::bulb:

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Leviton has new zwave plus models coming out in the first half of 2017, you may have seen an early announcement. They haven’t released all the details yet. And they know they’re competing with the Homekit device from ConnectSense. So we can still hope, just nothing available yet.

There’s a new pocket socket device from showhome, Z wave plus certified, which has two outlets which can be controlled independently. :sunglasses:

@whosinaname reported on it in another thread:

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Thanks everyone for the responses. I will look into how much room I have…I may go with just having the switch be controlled smartly vs the outlet being on all the time. The size of the radios did not occur to me as the limiting factor when I first thought of this. Thanks for the replies.

As the new Showhome Device illustrates, with the newest generation of Z wave, Z wave plus, the radio devices can be significantly smaller, which is allowing for more possibilities. The only issue is that these devices are just starting to come on the market. So I think we may well eventually see the kind of device you were originally looking for in zwave plus, a separately controlled toggle and outlet in a one gang box, it’s just that they aren’t available yet.